Site Map/FAQ

Where can I find…

- The CAODC Member Directory.
- Upcoming CAODC events.
- Information about my CAODC committees (login required).
- General, Legal, Permit, Tax and Technical bulletins (login required).
- Recommended practices.
- The CAODC Resource Centre (login required).
- Wage schedules (login required).
- Rig addition and delist forms (login required).
- The CAODC E-News.
- The Hitch Magazine.
- Website video tutorials.

Once logged in, all of the above can be found by clicking on your “Account” tab and looking to the left of the screen under “Bookmarks.” Please note that some areas may be restricted to specific CAODC member types.

Who do I contact if I had login credentials for the old CAODC site, but can no longer access the new site’s member portal?

All login permissions and credentials (including access to the CAODC E-Store) are administered by your company’s Primary Contact. Please contact this individual to have them add you. If you need to know who your Primary Contact is, click the Member Directory, and search for your company. Your Primary Contact should be listed in your company's profile.

How can I update my personal information, including my password?

Please see this link to update your personal information, or click on “My Profile” under the “Account Details” sidebar on the left side of your “My Account” screen.

What happened to and

These two sites, ServiceRigDrive and RigTech, have been discontinued. For information on working on a drilling or service rig, please visit our “Workforce Information” page under the “Industry Resources” tab, located on the home page search bar.

What happened to all the different Rig Data reports?

We have revised our free reports to include: Drilling Weekly Report, Drilling Monthly Report, and Service Rig Monthly Report. For all other Rig Data, please utilize the new reporting features on Rig Data to customize and save your favourite reports. If you don't have access to Rig Data, we encourage you to become an Associate Plus Member!

What is my Contact Type and what does it mean?

CAODC has replaced the old "Registered Rep" with three (3) new Contact Types: Primary, Affiliate, and Rep. Your Contact Type determines what type of administrative access you have in the CAODC Member Portal. The following online tutorials have more information about member types and the roles and responsibilities that come with each:

- CAODC Contact Type Online Tutorial
- Information for Primary and Affiliate Representatives
- Member Directory Features and Updating your Company Information

Tutorials can be found here.

For prospective members:

- Membership applications can be found here
- More information on CAODC membership and the various member types can be found here.

For media:

- For CAODC press releases, please click here.
- For recent news items, please click here.

These items can also be found under the “Media” tab on in the home page search bar.

For advertisers:

- Please see the advertising section here.
- To access the most recent CAODC advertising package, please click here.

These items can also be found under the “Advertise” section on the home page search bar.

For Rig Data administrators:

- Please see the rig data administration tutorial here.

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