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The CAODC Board of Directors is pleased to offer the Tim Downing Memorial Scholarship Program offered by the University of Fredericton and Don Sayers & Associates Ltd.

The University of Fredericton, in partnership with Don Sayers & Associates Ltd, is pleased to announce an annual scholarship program to our online, award winning Certificate in Health, Safety and Environmental Processes program, in honour of the contribution of Tim Downing to the occupational health and safety profession. This scholarship will be awarded annually by CAODC.

“We are blessed with a student body of exceptionally hard working, gifted adults; all of which have distinguished themselves to one degree or another in their respective careers. However, occasionally one student stands out from the rest.  

Tim provided senior level safety management services to his employer and industry, overseas and domestically.  That in itself is 'normal' for our alumni. But in Tim's case, he did so while battling a terrible disease that threatened to end more than just his career. Throughout his courageous battle with Cancer, he maintained an amazingly positive perspective, continued to work except for brief periods of convalescence from surgery, chemotherapy and other challenges.  He actively promoted his professional development within his circles. His courage and tenacity are humbling, and we are indebted to his commitment. This scholarship is a small token of our appreciation of his sacrifices and commitment to excellence. Tim passed away from his lengthy battle with Colon Cancer on April 19, 2016."

- Don Roy, President, University of Fredericton

Eligible applicants will be competing for one $7,260.00 bursary towards tuition and fees for the online Certificate in Health, Safety and Environmental Processes (CHSEP) offered by the University of Fredericton.

Who is Eligible?

Any CAODC drilling or service rig member employee who has a minimum of 12 months of on-the-job experience, and is currently employed as one of the following:

  1. As a Motorhand, Derrickhand or Driller on a drilling rig;

  2. As a Derrickhand or Operator on a service rig, or;

  3. In a safety related position within the drilling or service rig member company.

Only full drilling and service rig members are eligible to apply. Subsidiary or affiliated divisions of drilling and service rig companies are not eligible to apply, nor are associate member companies.

How to Apply

Intake for the OHS scholarship program will open early 2020.