Offshore Membership

Being a member of the CAODC has many advantages for both large and small contractors. In most cases, the cost of membership is returned several times over in the form of access to cost saving permits, MOAs, and various government relations initiatives. Click here to apply.

Below are a few examples of how contractors can take full advantage of a CAODC membership.

Offshore Executive Committee

CAODC Offshore Members have a seat on the Offshore Executive Committee.

CAODC Committees

Our operational committees are the lifeblood of the Association. These committees are comprised of hardworking volunteers from our member companies who help us share and assess valuable information that informs the work we do, and help us move forward as a competitive and healthy industry.

Government Relations

CAODC helps members effectively work with governments by providing one point of contact. Important technical and industry information is gathered from committee experts and then communicated through the Association to decision makers so they may make informed decisions on policy that impacts member companies. Understanding member perspectives helps ensure regulatory bodies are not imposing unfair, costly, or technically inaccurate processes or policies.


CAODC is a public advocate for the Canadian drilling and well servicing industry. Currently, the Oil Respect campaign is the Association's advocacy focus. Since February 2016, Oil Respect has been standing up for the Canadian oil and gas industry from coast to coast to coast. Speaking with provincial and federal governments and regular Canadians, Oil Respect addresses the misinformation and half-truths about the industry, giving oil workers and their families a voice, and letting our country know about the value our oil and gas industry brings to Canada.

Stay Informed

CAODC publishes a monthly e-newsletter, as well as a quarterly magazine called "The Hitch." Members have access to advertising and sponsorship opportunities, and can stay up to date on industry news and technology.

Annual General Meeting and Luncheon

Allows members to network, celebrate successes and welcome the new Board of Directors.


Membership Contact:

Pam Butt
Executive Assistant
403 264 4311 ext. 109
email Pam